Singer Teni has reacted to the photos and video of an OAU student that costumed exactly like her.

Teni reacts to OAU student who costumed exactly like her (Photo & Video)

The OAU student named Khairat is an English final year student, she replicates Teni correctly on her FYB costume day.

Her photos and video have gone viral on twitter as Teni reacted to the post and also reposted it with love.

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Teni showed love to the lady by asking for her handle after reposting the video shared by Michael kitan.

See Teni's reactions below:
'😩😩😩😩😩 share her handle pls'
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Michael kitan
Watch as oau final year student costumes has Teni  'accurately'and performances Uyo Meyo to the whole class. @TeniEntertainerCome and see your 100% replica o!Retweet until Teni sees this!

Watch video: CLICK

After watching the video you might end up convinced that she is the real Teni as she renders the massive hit song 'Uyo Meyo'.